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19 / 12 / 2023

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Alors que nous entamons une nouvelle année, c'est le moment idéal pour se remémorer quelques-unes des incroyables publicités hors domicile (OOH) qui ont été diffusées tout au long de l'année 2023. Des textes créatifs aux reprises de marques en passant par les exécutions anamorphiques, nous avons vu les panneaux d'affichage devenir plus que de simples publicités - ce sont des toiles qui suscitent la réflexion et rassemblent les gens.

Let’s dive into some of our favourite OOH and billboard ads from around the world!

Duolingo reminded us to never give up – even on Quitter’s Day

The second Friday in January, known as Quitter’s Day, is when most people give up on their resolutions (hey, we think two weeks is a solid attempt). Language-learning platform Duolingo decided to challenge us this year by releasing its owl mascot on the streets of NYC to encourage users not to give up on their goal of learning a new language.

From subway platforms to a Times Square takeover, billboards around the city displayed the app’s infamous notifications with messaging like ‘Don’t give up this quitter’s day!’ and ‘Chris, did you do your Duolingo?’ That’s one way to send words of encouragement.

IKEA’s 62ft activation really bagged our attention

If you’re anything like us, chances are you have at least one of IKEA’s iconic blue Frakta shopping bags somewhere around the house. To celebrate its new store on London’s Oxford Street, opening in 2024, the retailer erected a colossal 62ft x 128ft installation in one of the city’s most visited shopping destinations.

Covering the building’s scaffolding, the display was wrapped in IKEA’s signature blue colour with the giant Frakta shopping handle draped over the front, replicating its beloved shopping bag. We ‘tote’-ally dig how simple yet eye-catching this oversized activation was!

Spotify Wrapped can’t fake a feeling, and we can’t hide our love for it

We look forward to Spotify’s Wrapped campaign every year, and it never disappoints. To close out 2023, the music streaming platform once again launched its highly-anticipated recap of users’ listening habits – and it included some fantastic OOH displays.

With its tagline of ‘Wrapped or It Didn’t Happen,’ the campaign sought to prove that you ‘can’t fake a feeling’ by highlighting real and fun stats across a mix of digital and static billboards. From rapper Ice Spice’s Word of the Year billboard to Jennette McCurdy’s audiobook that inspired listeners to curate playlists that mention therapy, each #SpotifyWrapped ad brought audiences together to reflect on shared experiences throughout the year. We couldn’t just pick one OOH display from this amazing campaign, especially since it included an attention-grabbing mix of static, digital, 3D, and some CGI.

Oatly hacked its outdoor murals

Oatly, known for its plant-based dairy alternatives, recently faced legislative hurdles when entering the French market. In Paris, murals are only accepted if done ‘artfully’ without using any products or logos.

To get around this major advertising challenge, the brand created an experience by designing text-centric murals featuring messaging like ‘Wouldn’t this wall be much nicer with a carton of oat drink?’ and ‘This piece of art is here to tell you we are here!’ Each mural was complemented by delivery workers arranging objects in front of them, like boxes or vans painted with Oatly’s beverage carton.

We love how this unconventional campaign stepped up to the challenge and transformed ordinary murals into engaging OOH displays, further amplified by social media videos and a ton of online buzz.

Dove’s injectable billboard took a stand against harmful beauty standards

Dove has long been a pioneer in redefining beauty standards, advocating for inclusivity and positivity within the industry. The brand’s recent Injectable Billboard campaign at Toronto’s Square One shopping centre didn’t just catch attention; it made a bold statement against toxic beauty ideals driven by social media and pressure to look perfect.

Using a billboard made of over 50,000 syringes, symbolizing the number of cosmetic injectables used on Canadian girls aged 14 to 17 last year, Dove starkly exposed the pressure young girls face to conform to society’s narrow beauty expectations. The display was a great example of how OOH can be used to address social issues, garnering appreciation from audiences worldwide. It was a beautiful execution with an even more beautiful message.

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